PADI Courses - Specialty Courses

All our courses are directed by professional PADI Diving Instructors.

PADI Deep Diver Specialty

PADI Deep Diver Specialty

In this course you will learn the planning, organization, procedures, techniques and hazards of a deep dive. You will do four open water dives that range from 18 – 40 metres, under the direct supervision of one of our PADI Instructors.

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

In this course you will learn the buoyancy fundamentals. During two dives you learn how to precisely weight yourself for optimum control and balance, to ascend and descend effortlessly being neutrally buoyant all the time and to move through the water efficiently and gracefully without harming the environment or yourself.

PADI Digital Underwater Photography Specialty

PADI Digital Underwater Photography Specialty

During this specialty course you learn how to make good photos, using the PADI SEA (Shoot, Examine and Adjust) Method. You will do two dives.

PADI Underwater Navigator Specialty

During this course you learn to estimate distance underwater, follow navigation patterns, using both compass and natural navigation and how to relocate a dive site. After doing the three dives of this course you will always know where you are, where you go and how to get back.

PADI Project AWARE Specialty

In this (non-diving) course you learn about some of the most pressing problems facing the vulnerable environments and everyday actions you can take to help conserve them. It’s informative, interesting and most importantly you learn how to make a difference. The course takes half a day and you don’t have to be a certified diver to enroll in this course.

DAN Oxygen Provider

In this course you will learn how to recognise possible dive related injuries and to provide emergency oxygen first aid while activating the local emergency medical services (EMS) and/or arranging for evacuation to the nearest available medical facility. It takes 1-2 days and can also be done by non-divers.

Emergency First Response (EFR)

Emergency First Response (EFR)

The Emergency First Response (EFR) course covers CPR (Primary Care) and First Aid (Secondary Care). In one day we teach you the techniques and steps for handling life-threatening medical emergencies and for handling accidents that or not life-threatening when professional help is delayed or not available. Everybody can participate in this course, divers and non-divers. The EFR course is a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver course.

PADI Elearning diving courses


By Spanish law, the minimal age for all courses is 14 years


  • DSD in confined water (minimum age 12 years)
  • Project AWARE Specialty (no minimum age)
  • EFR (no minimum age)
  • DAN Oxygen Provider

For all courses a medical statement signed by a doctor is required

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